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Man Convicted In Jane Creba Murder Was A Police Informant: Report

Jeremiah Valentine, who was handed a life sentence after admitting to his role in the murder of Jane Creba, was a police informant who provided investigators an inside line to city gangs, according to a published report.

In a surprise move, Valentine pleaded guilty to second degree murder in connection to the 2005 Boxing Day shooting that killed 15-year-old Creba. On Tuesday he was handed a life sentence with no chance of parole for 12 years.

Despite his 10 criminal drug, weapons and other convictions, the 27-year-old was walking the streets on the day the deadly gang shootout happened on Yonge Street, the Toronto Star reports. His freedom apparently came in exchange for important information that led to a major gang crackdown in the Jane and Finch area in June 2007, the report states.

Valentine reportedly offered up names and information on two unsolved homicides.