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Soldiers Rescue Canadian Students Stranded Outside Port-au-Prince

Canadian soldiers in Haiti have rescued a group of British Columbia students stranded since Tuesday’s devastating earthquake.

The students were brought back to the Canadian embassy in Haiti Sunday and are being put on a plane back to Canada.

The 17 high school students, from the Slocan Valley in southeastern B.C., were at a location 44 kilometres outside the capital city of Port-au-Prince, Defence Minister Peter MacKay told a news conference Sunday.

MacKay said they were joined by a group of Canadians, as many as 23 others, who were also in the vicinity of their location.

A Canadian CH-146 Griffon helicopter assisted in moving some members of the group. Others were evacuated by land.

The group’s condition is unknown, although there were reports that there’s an adult in the group suffering from a number of broken ribs.