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Toyota Canada To Offer Refunds For Work Pre-Recall

Japan's Toyota Motor president Akio Toyoda is surrounded by reporters in Tokyo on March 8, 2010.

Toyota has announced it will reimburse customers who had related work done before a number of recalls were officially announced.

The refund applies to any inspections and dealer work on sticking accelerator pedals, faulty brakes and other problems that have prompted safety concerns.

Since November, Toyota has recalled about 755,000 cars and trucks in Canada, including vehicles whose gas pedals could get trapped under the floor mat.

Tips For Buying A Car

1. Buy a car based on what you will use it for 90 per cent of the time.
2. Understand that leasing a car will put a limit on your mileage.
3. Leasing is a good option if you want a new car every few years.
4. Find a reputable dealer.
5. Put clauses in your used vehicle bill of sale to protect yourself.
6. Do extensive research.
7. Know the new laws. If you’re buying a used vehicle you are entitled to know the car’s entire history.