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Deadline Approaches For Challenging Property Tax Assessment

If you think you’re paying too much in property tax, the deadline for appealing is just a week away.

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation assesses every home in the province, thereby determining the amount of tax paid. But until March 31st, homeowners can challenge the figure if they think it’s unfair.

Resident Michael Nadel is fighting his assessment this year. He believes he has been overpaying by $1,000 a year since he bought his home in 2000 and has hired a specialist to his legwork.

“We do the whole process of filing with an appeal – dealing with MPAC and if necessary going to the tribunal to fight the appeal,” said Paul Grosman of ArGil Property Tax Specialists.

But homeowners can also file an appeal on their own by following the step-by-step guide on the MPAC website and filling out an online form.

“We do have an application online called ‘About My Property’ which enables the property owner to obtain detailed assessment information on their property as well as up to 24 comparable properties which will allow them to test the accuracy of their assessment,” said Joe Regina of MPAC.

The success rate for appealing is good.

In 2009, a tax assessment year, there were 170,000 requests to MPAC for reconsideration. About 50 percent were adjusted lower as a result.

If MPAC doesn’t play ball, the next step is to file an appeal with the assessment review board. The onus is on MPAC to prove the accuracy of the assessed value.