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Is 'GravyTrain' The Next Great Canadian Cult Comedy?

GravyTrain is on the road to being the next great Canadian cult comedy in the tradition of Porky’s (1982). If Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! director Russ Meyer sat down with Quentin Tarantino to come up with a concept, and then brought in the Broken Lizard troupe to inject their style of humour, I imagine the result would be something like this. And with a cast that includes Saturday Night Live‘s Tim Meadows and comedian Colin Mochrie, it’s a uniquely crazy and fun ride. It’s also the third Canadian feature to be shot using the super high-definition RED camera and the image is stunning to watch on the big screen.

The film follows Gypsy Creek’s top cop, Charles Gravytrain, along with his sexy new partner, Uma Booma, as they investigate a string of murders by the mysterious Jimmy Fish Eyes (who was also responsible for the death of Gravytrain’s father many years ago). Gypsy Creek is a bizarre town full of interesting characters that have more secrets than a Hollywood starlet. The pair is met with resistance around every corner until, eventually, they are framed for the murders themselves. On the road to clearing their names and busting Fish Eyes, they end up in an avant-garde snuff film and an array of other wacky situations.

Director and lead actress April Mullen, and writer and lead actor Tim Doiron, dropped by the CityNews.ca studios clad in their ’70s-era costumes to talk about the film. This the second feature the duo have worked on together (their first film, Rock, Paper, Scissors: The Way of the Tosser, has been a big hit on DVD and specialty television) and their energy and enthusiasm is exciting to be around (I felt a creative rush just being in their presence). Watch the full interview below.

GravyTrain opens at the AMC Yonge-Dundas on April 23. April, Tim, and select cast and crew will be hosting Q&A’s after some screenings. Visit gravytrainthemovie.com for more details.