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City Health Officials Consider Beefing Up Anti-Idling Bylaw

Drivers could soon be under more pressure to reduce idling as the city considers amending the bylaw.

The Board of Health has recommended cutting the amount of time drivers are allowed to keep their vehicles idling from three minutes to one.

Among other proposed changes, the board wants to eliminate the temperature exemption, which allows idling inside a vehicle when the temperature is more than 27 degrees Celsius or less than 5C.

Officials are also recommending Toronto Police parking enforcement officers take over responsibility of idling bylaw enforcement.

Last year, 88 tickets were handed out for idling. In 2008 it was 70 and 50 tickets were issued in 2007.

Health officials believe reducing idling times would result in less pollution and make the bylaw easier to enforce.

The Board of Health is meeting Monday to discuss the proposed changes.

Toronto was the first city in Canada to pass an anti-idling bylaw in 1996.

According to the Board of Health, idling contributes to approximately 100 million tonnes of cabon dioxide emissions every year.