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Worldwide Short Film Fest Offers Big Entertainment in Little Time

Presented by the Canadian Film Centre, and in its 16th year, the 2010 Worldwide Short Film Festival will be screening a total of 281 short films from around the world between June 1 and 6. This is the cream of the crop of short form entertainment in every genre imaginable and whether you want to laugh or be scared (and not have to sit through a two-hour feature to get the end result) this is the festival for you.

Out of the 33 programs on offer (averaging 90 minutes in length and showcasing five to seven films per program) my picks include: Celebrity Shorts (which includes a dramatic role from Saturday Night Live star Kristen Wiig in One Night Only and the pre-Twilight shot Robert Pattinson period piece The Summer House), Midnight Mania: Creepy (Jack, Everybody, and Mrdrchain are must-sees and should send their filmmakers to the big leagues), Midnight Mania: Freaky (see this program mainly for The Little Dragon which follows a Bruce Lee action figure as it breaks out of the package it’s been stored in for 35 years), Date Night! (romance done better than most Hollywood productions in titles Epic Fail, Cheese, and Flawed), and Bad Habits (the animated Missed Aches and The Lighthouse should go on to win some awards down the road).

To see a full list of films and programs, get the schedule, and to purchase tickets, visit shorterisbetter.com. To download the WSFF iPhone app visit the iTunes App Store.


Top image: A scene from The Little Dragon. Courtesy WSFF.