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MP's Strike Last-Minute Deal To Squash Homolka Pardon

It seems that notorious schoolgirl killer Karla Homolka won’t be pardoned for her crimes that shocked the country.

Canada’s four federal parties banded together and struck a last-minute deal Wednesday, putting together a pardon-reform bill that will make it impossible for Homolka to be pardoned for her role in the rapes and deaths of Kristen French and Leslie Mahaffy.

The bill is expected to be passed by the end of Thursday, when the House of Commons adjourns for the summer.

It will then move on to the Senate, which is in session for another several weeks.

Homolka served a 12-year prison term and was released on July 4, 2005. She would be eligible to apply for a pardon as of that date this year.

However, the National Parole Board is given the authority to deny a pardon if it believes granting one would damage the reputation of the justice system.

“My family is forced to relive the pain and horror every time that woman’s name is in the news. A pardon would be unthinkable,” said Talin French-Doyle, a relative of Kristen French in a press release.

In recent years, Homolka has reportedly been living in the Antilles Islands in the West Indies with her son and partner.

With files from The Canadian Press.