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Toronto Man Found Guilty Of Attempting To Ship Nuclear Technology to Iran

A Toronto man has been found guilty of attempting to ship nuclear technology to Iran.

Mahmoud Yadegari was convicted on Tuesday of customs violations and forgery and faces up to ten years in jail.

Yadegari attempted to ship pressure transducers to Iran. He had purchased ten of the devices, which can be used to make enriched uranium, from a company near Boston.

While the transducers are legal, a joint investigation by the RCMP and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security found that Yadegari was trying to send the shipment to Iran without the required export permits.

It’s the first time in Canada that someone has been convicted of violating the United Nations agreement on exporting technology to Iran.

Yadegari was arrested in April 2009 and has been in custody since his arrest. He will be sentenced on July 29.