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Gas Guru Dan McTeague Will Keep Price Prediction Website Separate From Political Duties

He’s the man many go to for gas price predictions and reaction to significant spikes at the pumps and upon the advice of the federal ethics commissioner, Liberal MP Dan McTeague will keep his political profile separate from his role as a gas guide.

McTeague has been providing the information for the popular website tomorrowsgaspricetoday.com for just over two years and will continue to do so, but he won’t maintain financial ties to the address, as Mary Dawson advised. He will no longer have his name attached to the business or link to the URL from his government site.

It was McTeague who requested the federal ethics review several months ago. He was reportedly taken aback by the popularity of his site. Approximately 40,000 visitors check in on his site every day.

The MP posts daily gas price predictions and his forecasts are usually very accurate – to within a tenth of a cent.