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OPP Safety Blitz Targets Commercial Vehicles

The OPP have launched a safety blitz targeting commercial vehicles.

It comes a day after one non-commercial driver was killed and several others were injured on Ontario’s roads.

The 24-hour crackdown known as Operation Corridor began at 6am on Wednesday.

“The main thing is the speeding and the aggressive driving,” OPP Sgt. Dave Woodford said.

“Trucks are supposed to have speed limiters on them, so that’s another thing we’ll be looking for,” he added.

The Ministry of Transportation and Ministry of the Environment are also involved. They will be conducting truck inspections, looking closely for signs of poor maintenance, environmental violations and mechanical problems

It’s not just tractor trailers that will be getting extra scrutiny. Large vans registered as commercial vehicles will also be closely examined.

“We hear everyday of ladders being thrown off of these vehicles, so we’re going to make sure that their loads are safe as well,” Woodford explained.

Last year, Operation Corridor resulted in 285 charges, including speeding and following too closely. In 2009, 1,532 vehicles were stopped by Ontario Provincial Police.