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Members Of Hamilton-Area Family Accused Of Human Trafficking

Members of a Hamilton-area family are accused of human trafficking.

According to police, there are up to 19 victims. Many of them were allegedly forced to live in the family’s basements where they were fed scraps of food.

Arrest warrants have been issued for 10 suspects on charges including human trafficking and fraud.

The RCMP and Canada Border Services claim the victims were lured with the promise of a better life to Hamilton from Hungary, where many of them were poor and out of work. Once they arrived in Canada, they were allegedly forced to file false refugee claims and apply for social assistance – money police claim the alleged traffickers collected.

The victims claim they were driven to construction sites to work long hours for no pay. They also told police their traffickers controlled their lives by telling them where they had to live – many stayed in the basements of the alleged traffickers – and who they could talk to.