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Video Evidence Of Murders In Russell Williams Case: Report

A published report suggests the former commander of CFB Trenton, Russell Williams, videotaped his alleged crimes.

Earlier this week, Williams’ lawyers indicated he will plead guilty at a court hearing scheduled Oct. 18.

Williams is accused of murdering 27-year-old Jessica Lloyd and 38-year-old Corporal Marie-France Comeau. According to the Globe and Mail, Williams allegedly sexually assaulted both women and Comeau was kept hostage for three days before she was murdered.

The videos Williams reportedly took of the murders and sexual assaults are a portion of the evidence collected against the former CFB Trenton commander, including “trophies” such as underwear, bathing suits and shoes collected from victims’ homes, tire tracks and boot prints that link him to the crimes, and, reportedly, spreadsheets listing the details of crimes and articles taken from victims.

Williams is charged with two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of sexual assault and forcible confinement in connection to two attacks last fall. He’s facing 82 other charges related to a string of break-and-enters.

One of Williams’ alleged sex assault victims has launched a $2.5 million civil lawsuit against her accused attacker and his wife. The woman claims Williams broke into her Tweed, Ont. home, sexually assaulted her and then took pictures, while her infant daughter slept in the next room. The suit claims Williams transferred an Ottawa property into his wife’s name six weeks after his arrest. The woman says the attack left her suicidal and dependent on drugs and alcohol.

According to the Globe and Mail, Williams confessed his crimes when he made a nine-hour statement to police in February.