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Departing Councillors Will Get $1.2M In Severance Combined

People usually associate severance pay with employees who are fired or laid off from their jobs. Not so for the city’s politicians.

Taxpayers will pay about $1.2 million in severance to 13 councillors and the mayor replaced in Monday’s municipal elections, whether or not they left their posts by choice.

Some $820,000 will go to six council members who decided not to run – almost $100,000 each for Mike Feldman, Howard Moscoe, Michael Walker, Kyle Rae, Case Ootes and Brian Ashton – as well as Councillor Adam Giambrone ($58,114) and outgoing mayor David Miller ($167,769).

Two who lost the election, Sandra Bussin and Joe Pantalone – giving up his seat as councillor to run for mayor – are up for $99,619.

Employment law experts say although severance is typically not paid to people who quit, one month of compensation for every year of service is normal.

In fact, the city’s 12-month cap on severance falls below the average of about 24 months for similar salaries in the private sector.