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San Francisco Burns After Giants Win World Series

Photo Credit: Stephen Lam/Getty Images

With the Toronto Blue Jays far from the championship this year, most Torontonians weren’t paying attention to the 2010 World Series competition between the Texas Rangers and the San Francisco Giants. The series ended at Game 5 last night, with the Giants beating the Rangers 3 – 1. Winning the Series is a first for San Fran, who have made it to the finals only three times since 1958 (the Giants won the World Series numerous times when they were based New York. Their last win before heading West was in 1954).

Similar to how the citizens of Toronto reacted when we won our first World Series in 1992, the usually laid-back people of “The City by the Bay” hit the streets to celebrate. Not long after the crowd got rowdy, began breaking windows, terrorizing police, and lighting cars and buses on fire. There were also reports that assault rifles were stolen from a police car and shots were fired.

While most major news outlets ignored what was happening, or downplayed it to “joyful mayhem”, videos and photos quickly circulated on the Internet from sites like Twitter, Mashable, and YouTube.

Police eventually regained control of the crowd after midnight and peace was restored.

The city is holding a victory parade Wednesday, November 3 where the team will receive a key to the city.