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Texting Behind The Wheel Drivers’ Biggest Concern

A driver using a cell phone while behind the wheel. GETTY IMAGES/Roll Call/Tom Williams

It’s a behaviour people are very concerned about yet many motorists still engage in it.

A recent study conducted for the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) shows drivers who text while behind the wheel are now the biggest safety concern for fellow motorists.

The study found that of 4,000 CAA members questioned, 88 per cent listed distracted driving as their biggest concern, followed by impaired driving at 83 per cent.

This marks the first time texting has topped the list.

The survey also shows that motorists under the age of 30 are regularly tapping the keys of their hand-held devices while trying to drive at the same time.

The CAA is calling on police to take a more aggressive approach to enforcing distracted driving laws.

Another study conducted for Allstate Insurance released last month showed the majority of Canadian drivers look upon distracted driving negatively, but 75 per cent still do it.

The National Day of Remembrance for Road Crash Victims is Wednesday.