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Group Calls For More Charges Following Arrest Of Toronto Cop

Photo credit: Michael Talbot, CityNews.ca

A group representing several people who were injured during the G20 summit is calling for more charges to be laid.

The Community Solidarity Network argues Chief Bill Blair, RCMP Chief Superintendent and head of G20 Security Alphonse MacNeil and former OPP Chief Julian Fantino are all responsible for the violence that occurred during the June 26-27 protests.

One Toronto cop, Cst. Babak Andalib-Goortani, is accused of assault with a weapon.

But CSN argues that the actions of officers who worked on Toronto’s streets that weekend were “coordinated violence meant to intimidate community organizers and criminalize dissent.”

“Many people in Toronto feel that the police overstepped and manipulated the law in order to abuse their power,” Jean McDonald, a mother and Postdoctoral Fellow at McMaster University said in a press release issued by CSN.

“This is not about a few bad officers or even one police force; this is about an oppressive political & security system in which politicians & the upper ranks of police forces conspired in order to silence dissent and violate people’s rights.”

The Community Solidarity Network is calling for a full public inquiry into all police departments involved in the G20.