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Cab Driver Charged After Elderly Woman Injured In Alleged Hit-&-Run

A CityNews exclusive story is being credited for helping police track down a suspect in an alleged hit-and-run two weeks ago.

Toula Stamatopoulos was struck at College and University Jan. 24 as she was crossing on a green light, while on her way to visit a friend at Princess Margaret Hospital. The 74-year-old suffered two broken legs and will likely have to remain in hospital for several months.

“It’s terrible — very, very bad,” she told CityNews last week. “Now I close my eyes, I see this taxi coming after me. It’s always in front of my eyes.

“He didn’t stay to help me. And then he left me, and he was going very, very, very fast.”

Witnesses reported the taxi appeared to be trying to avoid a large truck in the right-turn lane on southbound University Avenue, and it then turned right onto College from the passing lane.

The victim’s daughter, Diane Kiparisas, managed to track down security video that contained footage of the crash.

This week investigators found the cab allegedly involved and arrested and charged a 40-year-old suspect.

“I personally feel that the report done by [CityNews] and Ms. Pam Seatle was a necessary prod to get assistance from the public to help us bring this case to a close,” Det. Const. Don Sexsmith said.

Zia Jalil Ahmed is charged with dangerous operation causing bodily harm, criminal negligence causing bodily harm and fail to stop.