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Seatle, Ng to host CityNews weekend broadcasts

Citytv announced that Pam Seatle will anchor CityNews at 6 pm on Saturday and Sunday, with Melanie Ng taking on the 11 pm anchor slot on weekends.

Those appointments were made alongside the return of weekend news broadcasts, slated for March 5. There will be 6 pm and 11 pm news broadcasts on Saturday and Sunday.

“The city is our newsroom and the people of Toronto know it,” said Citytv’s Vice President of News, Tina Cortese. “Our viewers count on us to deliver their stories like only we can. We take that responsibility very seriously.

“CityNews viewers are very sophisticated. They know our anchors and reporters – we’re like family. And our reporters know Toronto and they know know the stories in the hearts and minds of those that live here because they live here too. Who else could possibly deliver a day in the life of our city and beyond? Only on City!”