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Over 1,000 TTC employees made more than $100,000 in 2010

Whether it’s napping on the job, texting while driving, or their hard-to-shake reputation for petulance – TTC employees undoubtedly take a lot of heat from the public and media. 

They also take home a lot of green for their troubles.

Over 1,000 transit employees –  from collectors and drivers, to managers – raked in more than $100,000 in 2010. 

Chief TTC general manager Gary Webster earned $281,931.37, while the highest earning operator, Jerzy Sajkowics, earned an impressive $129,965.85.

The TTC employs up to 12,000 people.

The highest earners worked plenty of overtime – something the TTC justifies as being less expensive than hiring more full-timers.

See the complete list here.

The Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act, 1996 (the act) makes Ontario’s public sector more open and accountable to taxpayers. The act requires organizations that receive public funding from the Province of Ontario to disclose annually the names, positions, salaries and total taxable benefits of employees paid $100,000 or more in a calendar year.

-from the Ontario Ministry of Finance website