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U.S. government investigating link between food dye and hyperactivity

A boy shows his blue tongue, the result of eating a blue Popsicle. GETTY IMAGES/NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CREATIVE/Joel Sartore.

The United States government is investigating a possible link between food dye and hyperactivity in children, and if the chemicals are found to worsen behavioral problems, products may have to carry warning labels.

Most children are unaffected by dyes, but those with pre-existing behavioral disorders could see an increase in hyperactivity, scientists with the Food and Drug Administration recently found.

Federal officials have previously concluded there is no definitive link between food dyes and health problems, but some of those studies are decades old. The FDA is consulting with experts to see if there is a connection.

Policy changes, including warning labels and possibly extending to an outright ban on dyes, could be in the works.

With files from The Associated Press.