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Neighbour shocked by police raid at Rosedale home

Toronto Police raided a home in Rosedale on Thursday morning, taking four people into custody.

Officers, including members of the Emergency Task Force, executed a search warrant at 126 Mount Pleasant Rd. just before 9:30 a.m.

Georgia Kontakos lives next door and says the arrests were a surprise.  

“I was planning to come back to the house but the roads were all closed, they were blocked,” she told CityNews at the scene.

“Some gentleman stopped me and said I could not come through to the house because apparently there were people with machine guns and people in handcuffs,” Kontakos added.

Kontakos said the house next door is very quiet, despite many people entering and exiting at odd times.

“The house next door has been used for business, like a hotel, and I’ve seen many times, quite a well-groomed gentleman going in and out. They have very sophisticated and very expensive vehicles. They seem not to care about parking tickets! They’re very quiet. Just someone out of town, here on business, because it’s such a convenient neighbourhood,” she described.