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Toronto students one step closer to being able to text in school

Toronto students may soon be able to use their cellphones in school.

A Toronto District School Board (TDSB) committee unanimously passed a motion Wednesday night that would allow kids to text and use their phones inside school, easing a board-wide ban established in 2007.

Under the proposal, students could use their gadgets outside class as long as they’re not distracting those who are in class. It would also allow teachers to use mobile devices in class to assist with lessons.

“We have to begin to see technology just like rulers, calculators [and] computers. It’s an aspect of student learning and it helps them engage and we better be supportive of anything that can help students engage,” trustee Shelley Laskin said.

The full board will approve or reject the proposal at a meeting scheduled on May 18th.

A cellphone ban was implemented across the Toronto District School Board in 2007 that requires students to turn off their phones when they walk into their school. Kids could be punished for using their devices on school property.