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Rob Ford hopes to scrap plastic bag fee this year

Targeting yet another initiative from the city’s previous administration, Rob Ford said he will try to scrap the five-cent plastic bag fee this year.

In an interview with the Toronto Sun and on Twitter, the mayor said, though not a priority, he would look at reversing the bylaw in the coming months.

“As promised we’ll try to get rid of the five-cent bag tax by the end of the year,” the mayor tweeted.

Ford has acknowledged the tax does reduce garbage, but says the money should not go to businesses.

“The more bylaws we get into place, the more bylaws we have to enforce and some of them maybe could be done in a different way,” said Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday.

Councillors who support the fee say if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

“I didn’t think it would work, but it’s worked brilliantly…Why would you want to tinker with that?” said Coun. Adam Vaughan.

Loblaws confirmed in a statement to CityNews that in 2010, customers used 73 per cent fewer shopping bags than prior to the national pay-for-bags-approach.

Last week, council effectively killed the Fort York pedestrian and cycling bridge when it voted to put construction on hold while trying to find a cheaper alternative.

And the mayor’s spokesperson and Councillor Doug Ford both told reporters the city was considering removing the Jarvis Street bike lanes installed last summer.