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Sneak peek at the new Toronto Rocket subway trains

The TTC’s sleek new subways are almost ready to roll, and on Thursday CityNews reporter Francis D’Souza was one of a selected few who got a sneak peek at the aptly dubbed, Toronto Rockets.

The trains sport a new open design which will hold up to 1300 passengers – 10 per cent more than the current ones.

They also boast electronic maps, security cameras, and monitors to update delays.

“The suspension is a little tighter, it’s not as mushy as the older cars,” noted transit advocate Steve Munro.  “It’s a big space, you don’t have the cabs at the end of the cars, you can see through into the next car.  It will be good for people being able to move around so you won’t get as many pockets of congestion.”

By the end of 2013, 70 of the trains will be in service but only on the Yonge/University/Spadina line.  

“As we get more and more of them on line we’re getting more capacity, as you get more capacity you get fewer crowding issues,” noted the TTC’s Brad Ross.

The official launch date hasn’t been announced, but the TTC is aiming for sometime in June.