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Canadian men rule the big screen this summer

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The Flick: Good Neighbours
Starring: Scott Speedman and Jay Baruchel
Release Date: June 3
Shot in Montreal, and set during the 1995 separatist referendum, this Canadian thriller follows the residents of a quiet apartment complex who suspect a serial killer may be on the loose. Speedman plays a widower who loses his ability to walk after a horrific car accident, while Baruchel plays the pleasing and eager new neighbour Victor. Both characters start to suspect foul play when someone’s spotted in the courtyard with blood on their hands.     

The Flick: Green Lantern
Starring: Ryan Reynolds
Release Date: June 17

Based on the DC Comic, this blockbuster tells the story of pilot Hal Jordan (Reynolds) who is reluctantly granted superpowers to help the Green Lantern Corp overcome the enemy Parallax. As the first human ever selected, Hal must harness his new powers (in a series of humorous tests) to rise to the top of the Green Lantern ranks.

You can also see Reynolds alongside Jason Bateman in the August release of The Change-Up which uses the old Freaky Friday switcheroo, this time with two grown men; one married, one single…you can do the math.

The Flick: Mr. Popper’s Penguins
Starring: Jim Carrey
Release Date: June 17

Light hearted and kid-centric, this film sees Carrey as a house painter who receives a penguin after writing to his favourite Arctic explorer. Soon enough the penguin (whom he keeps in the icebox) has a litter of 12 leading Mr. Popper to start Popper’s Performing Penguins…naturally.

The Flick: Crazy, Stupid, Love
Starring: Ryan Gosling
Release Date: July 29

This is the movie we’re most looking forward to this summer. It could have something to do with our obsession with all things Gosling or the ensemble cast of Emma Stone, Steve Carell and Julianne Moore. Gosling plays a lady’s man who meets down in the dumps (and recently divorced) Carell whom he attempts to teach his slick ways. Along the way Gosling falls in love with the one girl who won’t hop into bed with him.

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