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City councillors campaign for shark fin ban

A delicacy in some parts of the world, shark fins are under attack at City Hall.

Two Toronto councillors are campaigning to stop the sale of shark fin products in the city.

“Shark finning is a cruel, barbaric, inhumane, evil practice that has to stop,” said Coun. Glenn De Baeremaeker. He’s leading the campaign, along with Coun. Kristyn Wong-Tam.

The pair, along with conservation group WildAid, are trying to get 10,000 signatures from across the city on a petition to present to council.

Shark fin and its derivatives are prevalent in the Chinese community, often served at weddings and special occasions. The meat can be very expensive – one piece can cost $100.

But many animal rights groups say the practice of eating shark fins is unethical. To get the meat, fishermen often cut off the fins and leave the rest of the body.

Wong-Tam’s family stopped eating shark fin about 10 years ago. She says she was disheartened by the treatment of the fish.

“When we found out that the entire body of the shark was tossed back in and left to die…it literally rendered the soup tasteless for me.”

In May, Brantford, Ont. became the first city in North America to ban the sale of shark fins.

Note: the video included in this story is graphic and may offend some people.

With files from Saphia Khambalia