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Sentencing begins for cop convicted in Taser case

A still from a video released during the trial of Cst. Christopher Hominuk. CITYNEWS.

A sentencing hearing for a Toronto police officer convicted of threatening to Taser a suspect in the genitals began on Tuesday.

Cst. Christopher Hominuk pleaded guilty to threatening bodily harm after a video of the May 2, 2010, incident was released during his trial in February. The suspect was handcuffed in the back of Hominuk’s police cruiser at the time.

The defence for the 37-year-old said Hominuk’s low blood sugar levels may have had an effect on his actions. Dr. Anne Kenshole, an expert on Type I diabetes, testified during the sentencing. She said Hominuk’s behaviour was consistent with someone in a hypoglycemic state of confusion.

“We know that very low levels of blood sugar — such as a person with long-standing Type I diabetes can experience – can have a very negative effect on their behaviour, their judgment, and they may have no recollection of what happened during that time because their brain is affected by the low blood sugar,” Dr. Kenshole told reporters outside the College Park courthouse on Tuesday.

Hominuk also took the stand, apologizing to his victim and adding, “I hope you haven’t lost faith in Toronto Police.”

The sentencing continues Wednesday.