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Steve-O: I did drugs with Lindsay Lohan while she was in rehab

In Steve-O’s new book, Professional Idiot: A Memoir, the Jackass star reveals that he was partying hard with some very famous names before he hit rock bottom and headed to rehab for his drug and alcohol addiction.

“I’ve done a lot of drugs with Lindsay (Lohan), but everybody knows that. Lindsay was over at my house one time and she was in my bathroom probably selfishly not sharing drugs,” he told PopEater.com, describing some of the stories he tells in the new book.

“But while she was in there, I pulled out my camera and I got this crazy footage. And some time passed and later I go in my bathroom and I find that she left her wallet, so I sent her this text and I said Lindsay, you left your wallet in my bathroom. This was when she was in rehab and she told me to bring it to her. So I meet her in the driveway of this Wonderland Rehab that she’s in and I make her sign a release form of the footage that I have.”

But LiLo wasn’t the only one who got down and dirty with the 37-year-old star.

“[Me and] Mike Tyson locked ourselves in the bathroom in this big mansion … so here I am with Mike Tyson locked in this bathroom in this big mansion just doing piles of cocaine and I looked at him and said, ‘You know Mike, I’m not a racist guy, but I would like to say I consider myself a [n-word],” Steve-O recalled.

“And we had a big discussion over this pile of cocaine. My point was that if we could take the color out of this word then we would really diffuse it as a weapon. Mike Tyson said the definition of that word is the people who use it and I thought that was very insightful.”

But even though the star was surrounded by well-known people during his drug haze, Steve-O says those days were his loneliest.

“For me it stopped being a gathering,” he said. “I was sitting alone and watching people walk around my apartment who were never actually there. It all turns on you man. It got really dark and the reason why I needed to make a change is that I truthfully turned into this nasty sh*thead. Just a douche bag.”

Then, in March 2008, Steve’s Jackass costars stepped in and attempted to help their friend. “Johnny Knoxville and a bunch of our Jackass crew staged an intervention and they forcibly locked me up in a psychiatric ward,” he said.

The stars of the Jackass franchise are currently mourning the death of pal and colleague Ryan Dunn, who died in a car crash on June 20. But days before Dunn’s death, Steve-O said that if it wasn’t for his TV family, he wouldn’t be alive right now.

“When I got to the hospital I was so belligerent that they changed my status to two weeks,” he said. “So the three days went to two weeks and with that kind of time on my hands in a psych ward I eventually came to the conclusion that I really needed to make a change.”