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Thousands of tickets issued during police-TTC safety blitz

Toronto police issued 3,366 tickets during the “Take Time to Check” safety blitz, launched on Aug. 8 in conjunction with the TTC.

The week-long campaign aimed to raise awareness of road safety issues “involving transit vehicles and the infractions that impede public transit movement,” Toronto Police said in a release Thursday.

The most frequent ticketed offence (1,745) involved motorists making prohibited turns that interfered with transit vehicles. 

Driving in high occupancy lanes during prohibited times resulted in 1,142 tickets.

Other offences included:

• motorists failing to yield to buses re-entering roadways: 95.

• passing streetcars while the doors were open: 150.

• motorists failing to clear intersections (gridlock): 234.

The campaign ended on Sunday, but Toronto police will still be targeting offenders, saying, “A safe transit and road system is something every citizen should enjoy and be entitled to.”