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Wonderland to offer Leviathan roller coaster ride

An artist's rendering of Leviathan, Wonderland's new roller coaster. Courtesy of Canada's Wonderland.

Citytv got a sneak peak at Wonderland’s new roller coaster on Thursday and according to Breakfast Television host Jennifer Valentyne, it’s a doozy.

“This is going to be some competition for the Behemoth,” she said.

The Leivathan is 93 metres high and will hit a top speed of almost 150 km/h.

“It has an 80-degree drop, it is 5,486-feet long – it’s an incredible thrill. The turn at the end, called an overbanked hammerhead turn, puts you at 115 degrees, and it will actually be at our front gate,” spokesperson Dineen Beaven explained.

Construction is underway and the new ride will open at Canada’s Wonderland in 2012.

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