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Port Lands would be among ‘most spectacular locations in Canada’

Coun. Doug Ford spoke out on his proposed plan for the Port Lands saying under his vision, the area would be “one of the most spectacular locations in all of Canada, and in the entire world.”

Ford told CityNews during a tour Tuesday of the Port Lands, while the plans are still in the preliminary stages, the area will be financed by the private sector.

“I can tell you one thing: we’re going to have the private sector in here, developing it. We aren’t going to be wasting public dollars in developing this,” he said on CityNews at Five.

Ford also challenged those who have been critical of his plan.

“Every single person, even the pundits, are going to be lined up, for the world’s largest ferris wheel. The same people that criticize things are the same hypocrites that show up, they’ll hop on the ferris wheel and have a great day with their kids, their families.”

Watch the full interview in the video.