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TIFF Day 4: Coppola’s 'Twixt' inspired by a vivid dream

Toronto is a city of cinephiles. Sophisticated, passionate, artsy cinephiles.

It’s also the city where a crazed fan will wait outside a Soho House party in the pre-dawn hours and literally chase actor Ryan Gosling’s car as he is driven away.

See the celebs partying here.

We are deeply ensconced in the glitz, the glamour, the creativity and, yes, the folly of the Toronto International Film Festival as its opening weekend has wound down.

Director Francis Ford Coppola and actor Val Kilmer walked the red carpet outside the Princess of Wales Theatre Sunday afternoon before the world premiere of their film Twixt.

Inspired by a dream Coppola had, Twixt tells the tale of a burnt-out mystery writer (Kilmer) who gets mixed up in murder and evil in a California town.

“It was a funny experience. I never quite had an experience like that,” Coppola told CityNews.

“It was a very vivid dream and it was sort of scary dream. So I kept thinking during the dream, ‘Wow. This is a gift being given to me. I could go home and make this.’

“And then we had a call to prayer in Istanbul where I was, and it totally woke me up. And I said, ‘I have to get back to sleep so I can find out the ending.’ So, the whole adventure of the film was trying to learn what the ending was.”

Other high-profile screenings on Sunday included the Eye of the Storm with stars Geoffrey Rush and Charlotte Rampling; Machine Gun Preacher with Gerard Butler; the Woman in the Fifth with Ethan Hawke and Kristin Scott Thomas; and Your Sister’s Sister with Emily Blunt.

TIFF runs until Sept. 18