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CityVote Day 14: Leaders compete for rural votes

The provincial party leaders plan to woo rural voters at the International Plowing Match in eastern Ontario Tuesday.

Politicians of all stripes make appearances every year at the event in Chute-a-Blondeau, right across the river from Quebec.

The party leaders will end the 14th day of the campaign by demonstrating their plowing prowess at the wheel of a tractor.

Earlier on Tuesday, McGuinty warned of a Conservative trifecta. Prime Minister Stephen Harper attended a barbecue at Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s house earlier this summer, where he called on Hudak to complete the Tory hat trick.

McGuinty says he’s concerned about the repercussions of having Conservatives at all three levels of government.

The Liberal leader claims the PCs under Tim Hudak aren’t the same party from the Bill Davis days. Davis was the premier of Ontario between 1971 and 1985.

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McGuinty says Hudak’s Tories will “attack” public services.

On Tuesday, Hudak said he’d implement a five-point jobs plan. It includes training 200,000 more workers through an upgraded apprenticeship program, reducing taxes for companies that create jobs and providing tax relief for families to give them more confidence to spend.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath vowed to make farming a more viable career option for young people by creating a new apprenticeship program and providing rural employers with a training tax credit. She was also defending Anthony Marco, a candidate in Niagara West-Glanbrook, for remarks he made about religion and Nazis. Before Marco became the NDP candidate, he said for some people the old politics of Nazi Germany
might be their religion, but that he can’t condemn other people’s religion.

Later, the NDP issued a statement fom Marco saying any suggestion that he would downplay the crimes perpetrated by the Nazis is offensive and decried what he called the Liberals’ smear tactics.

Ontarians head to the polls on Oct. 6.

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