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Mayor Ford accused of using cellphone while driving, again

Mayor Rob Ford is accused of using his cellphone while driving, again.

Toronto resident Sarah Barrett claims she saw Ford dialling and chatting on his phone while driving his gold Chevy Uplander on Dundas Street between Spadina and Bathurst on Monday.

“Sure enough it was Rob Ford, there’s no mistaking Rob Ford, and he was talking on his phone,” Barrett told CityNews.

“As we went on, he had to move into our lane behind us … and he was talking on his phone all the time.”

Ford’s press secretary, Adrienne Batra, wouldn’t confirm or deny the allegation but noted the mayor has been diligent about using the hands-free OnStar system in his van.

This is the second time Ford has been accused of using his cellphone while driving. In July, a woman claimed the mayor gave her and her daughter the finger in traffic after she pointed out he shouldn’t be using his phone while driving.

It’s illegal for motorists to talk, text, dial or email under Ontario’s distracted driving law. If you’re caught using any kind of hand-held device without hands-free behind the wheel you’ll be handed a $155 ticket.