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Occupy Bay Street protest will be held Saturday

The Occupy Wall Street movement is coming to Toronto, with hundreds – if not thousands – of protesters planning to take over Bay Street Saturday in a call for economic equality.

Occupy Toronto held a meeting Thursday evening for those planning to attend Saturday’s event. The meeting provided medical, legal, and media training for protesters.

“It’s like a movement that seems to be sweeping the globe,” said protester, Peter.  “I think it’s tapping in to a lot of anger and frustration that people feel.”

“If anything like the G20 happens again we’re really prepared when it comes to…any sort of violent acts that we really do not support,” added protester Niko.

Protesters have an unlikely ally in federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty. He said demonstrations are understandable, given high unemployment rates among youth and the increased concentration of wealth among a very few in the United States.

But Flaherty says those same conditions aren’t as prevalent in Canada, thanks to our strongly regulated banks and our progressive income tax system.

Demonstrators, especially in the U.S., say the gulf is growing between rich and poor, and they’re angry at the immense political power wielded by greedy corporate elites.

Those involved in Toronto’s demonstration say they intend to protest peacefully and cause minimal disruption.