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Police release surveillance video of war memorial vandalism

Police have released surveillance video of an act of vandalism at the Malvern Collegiate war memorial at 55 Malvern Ave., near Gerrard and Main.

The memorial, which bears the names of 25 former Malvern C.I. students who died in the First World War, was damaged around 12:45 a.m. Sunday. The monument was wrapped in blue duct tape and three letters were knocked off.

Police are looking for four suspects and are hoping the release of the video will aid their investigation.

The video shows one suspect climb the statue, before taking a picture of the damage.  The other suspects can be seen at the foot of the monument.

Police want the four suspects to turn themselves in and say people in cars driving by could be witnesses and are urging them to come forward.

The show of disrespect has left a community outraged, but a helping hand swooped in Tuesday to start the cleanup.  

Don Wright donated $2000 to the school to help clean up the mess.  He says he did it to make sure veterans get the respect they deserve, especially during this time of year.

“I found it quite disturbing that four little punks would have the nerve to deface a memorial to our vets and think that it was funny or amusing,” he said.

The war memorial was unveiled just days before the vandalism took place.