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Labour union marches to financial district in support of Occupy Toronto

The Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) marched to the financial district in support of Occupy Toronto on Thursday.

The union and members of the Occupy movement met at St. James Park at 11 a.m., where demonstrators had been camped out since Oct. 15, and then headed to the Toronto Stock Exchange.

“You cannot kill the idea of occupation,” OFL president Sid Ryan told CityNews during Thursday’s march.

“We will continue to find different ways of showing solidarity with the occupy movement. It’s only starting.”

Police cleared the park on Wednesday, with city crews taking down tents and clearing debris.

About 1,800 OFL members came out Wednesday to encourage protesters to remain peaceful and not to engage in confrontation with police.

“You have a great movement here and a great message. And the message is beginning to resonate and it’s beginning to grow,” Ryan said. “The last thing they need is violence to destroy that message. So I hope they don’t engage in any kind of violence.”

The demolition of the Occupy Toronto camp was largely peaceful, with both demonstrators and police praised for their calm behaviour. However, nearly a dozen people were arrested and charged with trespassing.

According to the group’s Facebook page, called “Labour is part of the 99 %,” union members as well as demonstrators from Occupy movements across Ontario were bused to Toronto for the march.