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Canada Post ranked 8th in G20-wide postal service survey

A British consulting firm says Canada Post has made it into the Top 10 postal services in the G20.

Oxford Strategic Consulting says Canada Post moved to No. 8 in the latest ranking, up from 13th place when the survey was last done three years ago.

The ranking is based on postal service providers’ performance over the three years from 2008-10 looking at access to services, efficiency and performance.

The U.S. Postal Service vaulted to No. 1 from 14th place in the previous ranking, while Turkey’s PTT dropped from top spot to No. 12.

Oxford says the USPS topped the ranking due to its high operating efficiency over the three years — delivering eight times more letters per full-time delivery employee than Canada Post.

The report says the expansion of e-commerce means there is an even greater need for postal services to be fast, efficient and reliable – especially during the busy holiday season.

“People tend to think the Internet has made the postman redundant, but postal services provide the backbone for e-commerce deliveries,” said report author William Scott-Jackson.

“If you could live anywhere in the world, and were sending a present to someone this Christmas, you’d want to be in the U.S., Japan or Australia,” he added.