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Woman killed by flying truck wheel on QEW

A mother of three from Hamilton is dead after a crash on the Toronto-bound QEW Thursday morning.

Miroslawa Chmielewski, 53, was on her way to work around 6:45 a.m. when a truck wheel hit her car and forced her into a ditch near North Shore Boulevard East.

She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Her husband of 29 years was devastated by the news.

“This was my best friend,” Marek Chmielewski told reporters.

Police found a wheel about 500 metres from Chmielewski’s car, but haven’t confirmed it’s the one that caused the crash.

They are still searching for the truck, which had been travelling in the other direction at the time of the crash.

Const. Graham Williamson said that both the tractor-trailer driver and the company could face a wheel detachment charge, which has a minimum penalty of $10,000.