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Ford brothers lose about 20 pounds after 1st week

Mayor Rob Ford and his councillor brother jumped on the scale Monday morning for their weekly weigh-in at city hall, one week after they launched their Cut the Waist campaign to each drop 50 pounds.

The mayor tipped the scale at 330 pounds while Doug Ford hit 275 pounds when they launched the effort on Jan. 16.

On Monday, the scale showed Rob Ford has lost 10 pounds to 320 pounds and his brother has dropped nine pounds to 266 pounds.

“It’s not a bad start, I think,” the mayor said. “Down 10 pounds. I got another another 90 to go. So I got a long way to go.”

The two say they’ve been running and lifting weights, eating very little and drinking lots of water.

They have both said they want to each shed 50 pounds by June, and hope to collect money for charity along the way.

According to the cutthewaist.ca site, the public has pledged $295.86 per pound so far.