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Alberta Mounties will recover from gunshots

RCMP say two officers shot while executing a search warrant in rural Alberta will recover from their wounds.

Sgt. Patrick Webb says surgeries on the two officers Tuesday night were successful, and their families have been notified.

“Their conditions are considered stable right now,” he said Wednesday.

The two Mounties suffered significant injuries to their torsos.

The emergency response team still had a home surrounded near the community of Killam, about 160 kilometres southeast of Edmonton.

RCMP confirmed one man was found dead in the house later on Wednesday. Webb says a search is on for a 27-year-man seen leaving the property Tuesday before the officers were hit.

Webb says Sawyer Clarke Robison could be armed and dangerous.

He is not a suspect but is considered a person of interest. Webb says police are trying to determine how the dead man was killed.

The officers had gone to a residence about 10 kilometres outside of Killam on Tuesday afternoon as part of an ongoing investigation that the small detachment had been involved in for the last week.

Gunfire erupted and the officers were hit. They were airlifted to two different Edmonton hospitals. A police spokesman said Tuesday night that they officers were conscious, able to talk and were able to give some information to investigators.

Police did not release their names, but said one had five years service while the other had been on the job for two years.

The shooting evoked painful memories of March 2005 when self-professed cop-hater James Roszko cut down four officers while they were staking out his marijuana grow-op near Mayerthorpe, Alta. Roszko then killed himself.