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Fewer staff and more ads for CBC as broadcaster slashes budget

File photo of the CBC building in Toronto. CITYNEWS/Shawne McKeown

There will be fewer staff and more ads for CBC as the broadcaster seeks to cut millions in spending following last week’s federal budget.

CBC President Hubert Lacroix says the corporation expects to lay off more than 650 people over the next three years as part of an effort to save $115 million.

But Lacroix says the financial pressure doesn’t just come from cuts to the taxpayer-funded portion of the budget and in reality, the CBC faces a $200 million shortfall.

He says some money will be made up through advertising and the CBC has applied for permission to run ads on CBC Radio 2 and Espace musique.

To cut costs, the broadcaster will seek to get rid of pricey real estate, scale back its international radio arm and cut back on news, music and sports programming.

But Lacroix says the network remains committed to its long-term plan of becoming more Canadian, regional and digital, which he says is vital to CBC’s role as the public broadcaster.