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President Obama sings on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'

U.S. President Barack Obama appeared on NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon program Tuesday,    where the two joked around and did a comedy skit.

Obama, who taped the show while on a visit to North Carolina, joked that he and presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney had met.

“I’ve met him but we’re not friends,” he said as the audience roared.

Later, the president and Fallon performed a skit about Obama’s latest move urging Congress to prevent student loan interest rates from jumping in July. 

“What we said is simple: Now is not the time to make school more expensive for our young people,” said Obama, standing behind Fallon on stage.

“Aw yeah,” Fallon said in a drawl. “You should listen to the President. Or, as I like to call him, the Prezzie of the United Stezzie.”

During the interview, Obama blamed a Colombia prostitution scandal engulfing the U.S. Secret Service on the misconduct of a few agents and insisted that the vast majority of perform their work admirably.

At least 12 Secret Service members and 12 U.S. military personnel have been investigated in connection with an incident on the night of April 11-12 when the men are alleged to have taken as many as 21 prostitutes back to their hotel in Cartagena ahead of a presidential visit.

Obama said he didn’t know what the men were thinking, but defended the work of the men and women who protect him, his family and other high-ranking public officials.

Since former U.S. President Bill Clinton played his saxophone on late night television, candidates for Washington’s highest office make the round of appearances to the major network programs.

Fallon, a former cast member of Saturday Night Live, is known for his parodies. He has hosted the NBC weeknight show since 2009.