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Smoke bombs cripple Montreal subway system during morning rush hour

Smoke bombs have been set off at multiple points in Montreal’s metro system, cutting off service and creating a nightmarish morning commute.

The incident occurred near the peak of morning rush hour.

There have been other interruptions to subway service in recent weeks, as the city deals with unwieldy protests.

But this one is notable.

There are reports of smoke filled stations at key transfer points, crippling the entire system.

The trickle-down effect has been felt in the city’s streets, with long lineups at bus stops and increased traffic under a heavy drizzle.

Locals vented their rage.

One listener wrote to local radio station CJAD to say that Premier Jean Charest should withdraw whatever offer he has made to students, and demand that the Army be called in.

Police, however, have not pointed the blame at anyone yet. They have repeatedly said in recent weeks that some radical groups have been taking advantage of students’ anti-tuition battle to create their own damage.