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Muslim groups in Indonesia protest Lady Gaga concert

Hundreds of members of Muslim groups held a protest against an upcoming Lady Gaga concert in Jakarta on Friday.

The protesters gathered in front of Jakarta’s Justice, Political and Human Rights ministry, holding placards, posters and flags.

“We cannot accept this, we are the Muslim majority and we must reject this,” protest leader Ayub Naji Bin Said told Reuters.

Previously, Indonesia’s second-largest Muslim group Muhammadiyah also released a statement against the pop star’s concert.

Earlier this month police said they refused a permit for Lady Gaga to perform in the Indonesian capital over security concerns, after Islamic groups voiced strong objections to her “vulgar” style.

But Indonesian national police said they are still discussing it and organisers said it will go ahead on June 3.

“The question of whether we would cancel the concert in the worst case scenario, we actually do not dare to speculate about that because we are still continuing to co-ordinate and communicate with all relevant parties so this concert can be run properly and smoothly,” said Arief Rahmadoni of Big Daddy Entertainment.

Indonesia, a secular state, has the world’s largest population of Muslims as well as significant minorities of Christians, Buddhists and Hindus.