Less than one in 10 Canadians apply sunscreen properly: Survey

A new poll conducted by Banana Boat sunscreen reveals that less than one in 10 Canadians are applying the lotion as often as needed.

“In order to get the recommended number that’s on the sunscreen – [if it’s a] 30 or a 60 – you have to apply it as directed,” said dermatologist Dr. Julia Carroll, saying that nearly half of people asked were not aware that the lotion must be applied every two hours while outdoors in order for it to be effective.

“After two hours your protection level will start to wear off,” Carroll told Rogers Radio news.

In addition, a third of respondents admitted to never using sunscreen, but Carroll says Canadians need to be aware that it does more than help to prevent skin cancer – it keeps skin looking younger as well.

“All the signs that we consider as someone that looks aged, 90 per cent of that is caused by UV damage, and it’s the UVA damage, so it’s not the kind that burns you,” she said.

“It’s just that chronic exposure to the sun that’s always breaking down the important parts of the skin and can cause you to look aged.”

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