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Police say Luka Magnotta has likely fled country

The search for a suspect in a grisly murder and dismemberment in Montreal has gone international with Interpol adding Luka Magnotta to its wanted list.

Montreal police believe the 29-year-old Scarborough-born suspect has left the country, according to a published report, and may be in France. Tracking him down could be made more difficult because Magnotta has gone by other names in the past, including Eric Clinton Kirk Newman and Vladimir Romanov.

He wrote a 2009 blog post called How To Completely Disappear and Never be Found.


A Canada-wide arrest warrant has also been issued Magnotta, who’s accused of stabbing another man to death in his Montreal apartment, committing acts on the corpse, dismembering the victim and mailing the body parts.

Magnotta is alleged to have filmed the murder and posted it on a website.

A foot was delivered to the Conservative Party of Canada’s Ottawa headquarters on Tuesday. Police intercepted a hand at a Canada Post facility later the same day that was reportedly addressed to the Liberal party’s main office.

Authorities believe more body parts remain in the mail system.

Police believe those parts belong to a man whose torso was found stuffed in a suitcase behind Magnotta’s apartment building on Tuesday. It had been there for days. Authorities are awaiting the results of DNA testing to confirm a direct link between the body parts found in Ottawa and Montreal.

Magnotta moved to Montreal from Toronto about four months ago, according to neighbours.

A video shot inside the apartment has been released, showing blood-stained sheets and a pool of blood in the fridge. (Video attached)

Montreal police released Magnotta’s name on Wednesday afternoon, but they still haven’t identified the victim. They did say the two men knew each other.

Aside from the horrific murder Magnotta is accused of committing, other disturbing details about his life have resurfaced, including an accusation by the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) that he murdered kittens. The alleged act was filmed and posted online.

The porn actor had also been linked online to Karla Homolka. He denied that he dated her in a 2007 report in the Toronto Sun.

CityNews has also learned that a man named Eric Newman received a nine month conditional sentence and 12 months probation in 2005 for fraud and impersonation in Toronto.

Former homicide detective Mike Davis said he never saw anything comparable to the Montreal body parts case during his 17 years investigating murders for Toronto police.

“There are cases where bodies are dismembered and normally in those cases the body parts are hidden.  They’re secluded. But in this case — the bizarre circumstances behind it where the parts are being mailed out through the postal service … it’s bizarre and it’s creepy,” he said.