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OLN’s ‘The Liquidator’ isn’t your traditional pawnbroker

The world of pawning has been thrust into the spotlight lately amid a wave of reality shows showcasing the world of second-hand selling .

But Jeff Schwarz, star of the new OLN show The Liquidator, isn’t your traditional pawn broker.

“I buy just about anything and everything under the sun,” Schwarz, the owner of Direct Liquidation, told Breakfast Television host Dina Pugliese.

Schwarz, who is rarely without his two cell phones, then resells the items at a profit.

“You have to keep your eyes open. A lot of times people have excess inventory they want to get rid of, and they come to guys like us,” he explained.

Schwarz said his career started when his wife’s great-aunt died.  He paid $450 for the contents of her estate and began selling it at weekend flea markets.

The 13-episode reality show premieres July 5 on OLN.

Watch the video for the full interview