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Surprise, surprise: Toronto 2nd-most congested city in Canada

Toronto has been given a new title that won’t be a surprise to most people.

A newly-released quarterly “Congestion Index” from the makers of the TomTom GPS device reported Toronto is the second-most congested city in Canada, coming in just behind Vancouver.  Toronto also ranked as the ninth-most congested city in North America.

Read the report here. (.pdf)

According to the study, the best day to get around the city is Friday; the worst travel times are Tuesday morning and Thursday evening.

The study also found that in-town routes are more congested than highways.

680News senior traffic specialist Darryl Dahmer says people make assumptions about travel time by hitting the road at the wrong times.

“A lot of people go out and buy a house on a weekend and they have the Monday morning commute and they’re faced with a big dilemma,” he said.

Darryl explained what he thinks the best and worst days to travel in Toronto.

“The best day to travel is a Thursday morning, followed by a Friday morning. The worst days to travel are any day ending in Y”

The findings came as no surprise to people at Yonge and Bloor streets.

“I’ve been all over and the traffic here is terrible. It’s the worst,” one man told 680News.

“We definitely are one of the worst. It wasn’t like that 20-years ago but population booms. You can see we haven’t really made any major improvements to our roadways,” said another man.

When asked how the city could improve traffic congestion, people suggested more bicycle lanes, an improved subway system and making the city more walking friendly.

Vancouver took top Canadian spot on the survey. Los Angeles was found to be the busiest in North America.